Care guide after the microblading procedure

Care guide after the microblading procedure

Care guide after the microblading procedure

Are you afraid of how invasive could be a semi-permanent makeup technique? Don’t worry, after reading this article you’ll know everything about the care you require for after microblading

When we talk about microblading as a semi-permanent makeup technique, we talk about a delicate procedure. As consequence, the care for microblading must require a special treatment. After all, your skin will get some injuries and it is necessary to heal them as soon as possible. If you want to get more precise information about microblading technique, you can read this article. Now we will explain you some cares you need to know for your microblading.

1. Be careful with showers

Hygiene it’s very important, but you don’t want to restart the skin regeneration process repeatedly. That’s why you must take short and warm showers. If you take hot showers while your irritated skin, the steam could be dangerous and reopen the little wounds. So, healing will restart.

2. Don’t make too much physical effort

The care for after microblading procedure must be meticulous the very firsts days. For that reason, you must avoid physical effort until day 4 after the procedure. You also should avoid the physical effort in the 24-48 hours before procedure. The hours before microblading are critical to prevent complications.

3. Protect your skin from the sun

You must take meticulous care of your sensitive skin after microblading procedure. So, a direct exposition to the sun could be very dangerous for your skin. That’s why you should avoid exposing yourself to the sun for 2 weeks. After that period, use some sunblock as precaution.

4. Scabs are normal after the procedure

As we already said, the microblading technique it’s a little invasive technique. That involves injecting micropigments in the skin and you could bleed during the procedure. So, it is normal to get scabs the next day. Don’t panic! They will fall off by themselves. If they are so annoying for you, apply some healing cream over the irritated area.

5. Do not rub or scratch

It doesn’t matter how uncomfortable you are, do not scratch. Your skin is so delicate after this procedure so you can injure it. But don’t worry, the itching it’s normal when you’re healing.

6. Steam: Mortal enemy of care for microblading

As we already said when we talked about the danger of hot showers, the steam restarts the healing process. For that reason, you must forget about getting into a sauna or steam rooms. This measure for at least two weeks after the microblading procedure.

7. Swimming pools and the sea are forbidden

For one or two weeks, you must avoid excessive contact with the water. You also should be careful with the harsh chemicals over your skin.

8. The touch-up

Even though you don’t have to worry about the microblading touchup for like a year. The touch-up it’s an important step for getting the correct care for microblading. Just watch out when you start to notice less color on your microblading zone. The microblading technique reduce its pigmentation after a half and a year. But it also depends on your skin type, so you could lose the pigmentation and require a touch-up a little earlier. Vogue has done an interesting research about the importance of the touch-up to an excellent care for microblading

Now you know everything about the special care for microblading procedure. So probably you are interested in more information about these permanent and semi-permanent makeup techniques. In that case, Paola Soto could advice you, if you want some more information about it, click here. Paola Soto’s Academy offers you a diversity of workshops around the world! You can check the locations and schedule here.