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Microblading is a semi-permanent make-up technique by which realistic look of eyebrows is created. By using a slim blade, pigment is applied under the basal membrane, which separates the epidermis from dermis

Lips scrub

Lips scrub? Get all the benefits!

Lips scrub is earning significant popularity among the time. That is the reason why we share you all the benefits you can get by using this product. How many times

antes del microblading

Recommendations before microblading

Do you want to get the perfect semi-permanent makeup procedure? You must consider the recommendations before microblading we share with you in this article. The microblading has become very popular

Contingency beauty care

Contingency beauty care

This contingency could be the perfect excuse to try new beauty care for yourself. So, follow the advices that Paola Soto has for you. Right now, we are quarantined because

El eyeliner makeup permanente, contado de viva voz

Permanent eyeliner makeup, live testimony

Probably you have read all the benefits about choosing permanent makeup. Thought in this article we present you a live testimony related to permanent eyeliner makeup. Recently, the website Chatelaine,

The secret for the perfect eyebrows

The secret for the perfect eyebrows

How many times have you ever wished having the perfect eyebrows for all day long? In this article you will get the most useful advices for taking care of your

Care guide after the microblading procedure

Care guide after the microblading procedure

Are you afraid of how invasive could be a semi-permanent makeup technique? Don’t worry, after reading this article you’ll know everything about the care you require for after microblading When

microblading en México

How to choose the best microblading in USA?

Don’t be afraid of getting the permanent makeup that you’ve always dreamed. In this article you’ll get some advices to choose the best microblading in USA. Don’t be afraid anymore

técnicas del maquillaje semi-permanente

The 4 semi-permanent makeup techniques most used

Probably you want to try some micropigmentation technique, but you’re not so sure about it. It’s not important how many doubts you have. In this article we explain you some


A permanent cosmetics service that will enhance the shape and color of your lip area. We’ve all dreamt of having the perfect lips, always made up and kissable. While looking