choose the perfect lipstick color according to your skin tone

How to choose the perfect lipstick color according to your skin tone?

How to choose the perfect lipstick color according to your skin tone?

Choosing the perfect lipstick color for every occasion it may seem impossible. After all, you must consider so many factors as your skin tone for make the best decision

It could be a hard decision to make the perfect makeup choice. However, nowadays there are some formulas that will simplify the process. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you want to buy the perfect lipstick color or you choose a permanent makeup technique. Knowing which lipstick color favor your skin tone could be a breath of fresh air when we talk about makeup.

Do you know which is your precise skin tone?

Probably you already now there exist three obvious skin tones, but also, there are small variations. These variations are determined by very specific tinges. That’s how you can determinate the perfect lipstick color for you. You must considerate the tinges under your obvious skin tone, so you can choose the best. The lipstick color range depends on how bright your skin is, but, for the moment, the basic skin tones are:

  • Clear
  • Medium
  • Tanned
  • Dark

If you’re not sure about which basic tone you belong, look at your veins color. If your veins are blue or sort of purple, your skin tone is clear. Your skin will be medium if your veins reflect on green or blue. Whilst if they seem green or olive, you might be tanned tone. To each base tone you should add if you have warm or cold tendency.

The online Vogue magazine share the guide to discover your skin tone (once and for all)

The infallible method to choose your lipstick color

Now that you are sure about your skin tone, you have the possibility to choose between a wide range of colors.

  • Clear. The clear skin accepts almost all the tones. Although, for obvious reasons, it could be a good contrast with darker range tone, without exceeding, of course. Because excessive contrast could be detrimental to your skin tone.
  • Medium. These skin types, as we already said, belong to the clear skin. However, it has a warmer tendency. That is why it is perfect to pink tones and nude tone (it won’t look pale). You also could include bright red and mauve.
  • Tanned. The tanned skin types goes perfectly with warm colors. Such as coral and peach. But you must avoid the purplish-brown and purple.
  • Dark. There are types of dark skin too. However, in general you must choose hard pigments for your lips to highlight as you’ve always wished. That is, as your lips could be darker, your perfect choice would be to play in saturate pigmentation. So, if you chose red as your lipstick color, choose a wine bright color.

If you want to get more information, maybe you would be interested on reading the interview for the online Vogue Magazine. In this article Choose the lipstick color for your skin tone, you can find some extra advices.

The best tool to improve your semi-permanent makeup

These advices could be so useful, and not only to choose the perfect lipstick color for your skin tone. You must considerate them a when you decide to pick the perfect semi-permanent makeup. After all, this technique will last for a long time. Probably you could be interested on our article: The 4 semi-permanent makeup techniques most used. However, to decide your perfect lipstick color before micropigmentation, go to a professional.

Paola Soto will give you all the information you need to make the proper tests. Remember, considering all the possibilities before a semi-permanent makeup technique could be your best decision. If you want to bring this course to your city, just be a organizer to fill a format.