El eyeliner makeup permanente, contado de viva voz

Permanent eyeliner makeup, live testimony

Permanent eyeliner makeup, live testimony

Probably you have read all the benefits about choosing permanent makeup. Thought in this article we present you a live testimony related to permanent eyeliner makeup.

Recently, the website Chatelaine, posted a live testimony related to the permanent eyeliner makeup. Carolyn Chua talked to Ishani Nath about her experience with the eyeliner makeup technique when she was 51 years old. At that time the technique was not as known as it is now. That was the reason why, to do this procedure, she had to travel from Toronto to Philippines. Ten years later, she tells us about her experience and how it change her life. But first, what is it the permanent eyeliner makeup?

Permanent makeup

You could say that the permanent makeup techniques are relatively new. It consist on a micro-pigments injection at determined zones on your face. This technique could be perfect to apply to the eyebrows, lips and eyeliner makeup zone.

Some years ago, the permanent makeup techniques were to rough, for that reason just a few people chose the procedure. They used to look not as natural as today and the pigments disappear very quickly. But, at the time where the new technologies started, and new pigments appeared, everything changed.

SFDA security measures were implemented and they perfectioned the techniques. It was no more another tattoo; it was now artistic and detailed micropigmentation. Only trust in a professional artist. At the end of the day, who would like to apply a permanent eyeliner makeup, without knowing the result?

Por supuesto, a manos de un artista profesional.

How the eyeliner makeup could change your life

The permanent eyeliner makeup is a technique used to define the shape of your eyes. The eyeliner makeup depends on your face shape. On the Chateline article, Why I Got Permanent Eyeliner And Eyebrow Tattoos Carolyn Chua tells us her live testimony. Although at first she was a little skeptical, at the age of 51 she dared. Now she says it was her best desition!

Carolyn Chua is form Toronto. She tells us how her makeup routine was not the ideal. After all, it is common that so many women can only take 5 minutes for their makeup routine. During this short time, you cannot do everything you’ve ever wished. Maybe you have enough time to apply some lipstick, eye shadows and mascara; but we must forget about everything else. Carolyn Chua was convinced by her sister, who has already done the procedure one year early.

For the time when se decided to choose the permanent eyeliner makeup and eyebrows, these techniques were not as popular. For that reason she had to travel to Philippines. She was given a local anesthetic and, by the time they were done, she regretted her desition momentarily. The area was completely swollen, but it was normal. 10 years later, without being retouched, Carolyn is very satisfied with her decision. Now she can look spectacular only with her 5 minutse makeup routine!

Everyone could choose the microblading technique?

Microblading is a micropigmentation technique for the eyebrows. In this technique we can simulate each hair growing. That’s the reason it is one of the most used permanent makeup techniques. So, this technique could be for you too!

Of course, at some point, it is an invasive procedure. However, you only have to follow the steps of the right care guide and go to a professional. After all, this technique will last for long. Be sure to choose someone qualified, someone who can determined the exact tone for your pigments and your eyebrows shape.

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