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Eyes makeup: iconic innovations

Eyes makeup: iconic innovations

Eyes makeup has become so popular that we have actually seen great innovations. In this article we will mention some of them.

Eye makeup has become very important in much of our daily routine to always look good. We are almost obsessed with keeping a bright and unique look. That is why, through history, we have chosen to renew the techniques to achieve a unique touch.

We are not going to analyze the whole history of makeup. Because, if we do that, we will surely reach the Egyptians culture. But we will talk about some of the iconic innovations that make our lives easier today. Innovations that transformed eye makeup into everything we know today. So, here we go!

The perfect eyebrows according to your type of face

Do not forget that eyebrows are an essential component for your eyes makeup to always look perfect. This way, an iconic innovation in eye makeup was to shape them according to the type of face. I mean, a round face won’t have the same appeal with rounded brows as a heart-shaped face. There are many secrets for the perfect eyebrows. But the main ones will always be focus in your eyebrows shape according to the type of face.

However, after all this, why was this innovation implemented in eye makeup? To give more symmetry to the face and so look better. That’s right, the symmetry of the face attracts a lot of attention. This is because it is associated with good physiological development. Crazy, isn’t it? There are even some studies which dare to say that the symmetry of the face is a reflection of good health .

Eyes makeup: new trends

The evolution of the techniques used in eyes makeup is reflected in the trends. As the years go by, the trends change, it applies for eyeliners and eye shadows too. These innovations are focused on achieving the symmetry of the face, as we already said.

In this 2020, eyeliners had an interesting impact. Graphic eyeliner became trend!

What is graphic eyeliner all about?

This new trend aims to highlight the contour of the eyes, like any other eyeliner. But this makeup innovation goes a little further: It highlights them through more extravagant designs, almost cartoonish. Above all, it consumed the importance of the eyeshadow in makeup because this trend takes all the attention.

The newest innovation: semi-permanent makeup techniques

It is true that the delineated graphic is a very creative innovation of this 2020. But it is probably not an eye makeup that we would like to apply daily. Actually, with our busy lives, makeup is the last thing we want to worry about. But it takes lots of time.

That is one of the main reasons why semi-permanent makeup technique has been created. The best thing about this technique is that it is not only for eye makeup, but also for eyebrows and lips. This technique has been so successful that it begins to be studied to use as a makeup base.

Make-Up. Beautician Hands Doing Eyebrow Tattoo On Woman Face.Permanent Brow Makeup In Beauty Salon. Closeup Of Specialist Doing Eyebrow Tattooing For Female. Cosmetology Treatment.

What is micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation is a technique in which dye is injected into the surface layer of the skin, to supply daily makeup. This way, the makeup routine will no longer absorb so much of your life. You will always look perfect by having a natural and subtle makeup every day. Although of course you can implement designs like the graphic eyeliner, natural makeup is best recommended. Why? Because you can modify it for special occasions.

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