Lips scrub

Lips scrub? Get all the benefits!

Lips scrub? Get all the benefits!

Lips scrub is earning significant popularity among the time. That is the reason why we share you all the benefits you can get by using this product.

How many times have you ever heard about all the benefits of a good exfoliation? That it is good for the black spots and it oxygenates the skin… In general, we can hear everything about how wonderful is this cosmetic. And that is not a lie, because sometimes we forget the importance of taking care of our skin. But it is as simple as removing dead cells.

So, the exfoliation will brig many incredible benefits to your life. You will take care of your skin by removing these dead cells. However, sometimes we forget that there are some more sensitives zones along our bodies. That is the main reason which it is necessary a special scrub for your lips.

Why lips scrub?

As we already said, a full body exfoliation will be very useful for your skin health. However, must of the people think that this treatment is only useful over the face. Obviously, this is a terrible mistake! The skin is the biggest organ we have got, and we must take care of it. For that reason, you must consider a full exfoliation, by applying the correct scrub for every zone.

Only on your face zone you can find different sensitives around your eyes and over your lips. But why is it so important get a special lips scrub?

Just think about this: Your daily makeup routine could harm your skin. So, if you use lipstick regularly, you can damage your lips. And, as a sensitive zone, the weather could harm your skin lips. And therefore, the scrub lips appeared: to regenerate your skin after some damage. At least this is what Vogue Magazine on the article: Lip balm addicts, you will get a new object of desire: the lips scrub. The lips scrub, the new cosmetic that is earning popularity!

The bests lips scrubs

Nowadays, there are so many scrubs on the market, scrubs for different body zones. And of course, lips scrubs. But sometimes it is important to try something more… natural.

After all, to increase your skin health, the less chemicals you use, the better. So, try these natural lips scrubs to take care of your skin. The best of these alternatives is that you can find the main ingredients in your pantry! So, let’s get to work and prepare some lip scrubs:

Honey for chapped lips

When you got chapped lips, they are screaming for the help of a lips scrub! But you can use honey for these urgent cases. You only need to mix:

  • 1 tablespoon of honey
  • 1 tablespoon of olive’s oil
  • 1 tablespoon of brown sugar
  • A few drops of essence oil


Another natural lips scrub you can implement on your daily care is salt-based scrub. You only need to mix a tablespoon of salt with one tablespoon of essence oil: lavender or coconut. To replace the essence oil, you can use olive’s oil. Apply this lips scrub for 15 consecutive nights and prepare yourself for a wonderful change!

Embrace the coffee benefits

Coffee is delicious, but it is also very useful for the skin. Its exfoliant properties allow you to prepare a natural lips scrub. Just mix 1 tablespoon of coffee with 2 tablespoons of olive’s oil.

Take care of your skin

In addition to implementing exfoliation to your routine, maybe it could be a good idea to try a semi-permanent makeup. It is a technique that is getting popularity on the last few years. It is a good alternative to avoid the daily makeup damage.

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