Magic Combined

Magic Combined

Method that mixes the technique of “hair by hair” with subtle shading for a natural appearance.

This technique combines the Magic of Microblading using the “hair by hair” technique with the perfect added shading to create the necessary depth shape of the with Magic Shading to make your eyebrows look perfectly designed and enhance make your facial features

You will work with a highly trained artist that will design a tattoo to flatter your face shape and give the look of fuller, healthy eyebrows. We start with a consultation to ensure this design is right for your and fits your wants and needs. A numbing solution is applied before the procedure begins, and you are made comfortable before the tattooing starts. The entire procedure takes approximately two and a half to three hours including design time and numbing.
This particular technique comes from our experts Techniques in Academy S by the hand of Sviatoslav Otchenash.

What is it about?

This permanent eyebrow shading and hairstrokes technique gives you an optical illusion of having created a subtle makeup that frames you whole face. This shade defines the shape of your eyebrows making your eyes pop beautifully while microblading gives an effect of thicker eyebrows. This process is done through the best coloring and shading techniques of various tones that result on a much more natural appearance.
The pigments are inserted into the skin using a tool known as a demography (Permanent makeup machine) and drawing hair by hair with a single needle. This machine applies the pigment in a process of light repeated strokes across the delimited area.
This design is intended to flatter your face with the look of having fuller eyebrows without the need to supplement their fullness with other makeup. Magic Combined is not recommended for people who had a previous case of bad procedures and need to cover them to make their eyebrows look better; it can not fill empty spaces within the eyebrows and perfect its shape.
This technique gives volume by “adding” hairs while the shading technique gives a natural ombre/diffused appearance of light makeup to the brows. Through this technique you can get a natural effect, fading or stardust. This is a technique for those who lack of fuller brows and wish to have fuller eyebrows with a more natural appearance of makeup at all times.

After Magic Combined?

At the end of the process, you will be able to return to your normal life immediately, but you need to remember that some discomfort may be felt in the area. Still you must have certain aftercares and considerations to maintain the effect that you want. You will be given the products that you must include a suggestion of your skincare routine to maintain the eyebrow’s effect and we’ll explain the possible outcomes and considerations that include:

  • In the next 4 to 7 days the pigment’s intensity will decrease down to 60% because of the skin regeneration.
  • After four to six weeks, depending on your skin type, you may need to come back for retouching up and adding more color.
  • In the first two weeks you might notices redness or little scabs on the area. You don’t have to worry. It’s normal.
  • Depending on your skin type, aftercare, lifestyle and environment, the effect can last from 9 to 18 months.

Why choose Magic Combined?

Magic Combined is not the best option for you if you’ve struggled in the past with poorly made permanent makeup or you just want your eyebrows to look perfect at all times. This technique is perfect for those with normal to dry skin and as maintenance of a previous microblading or skin without previous treatments. Having perfect eyebrows all the time will give you the time and confidence to conquer the world and become the woman you’ve always wanted to be. You will be able to transform your morning routine into a powerful morning ritual where you won’t have to worry about making your eyebrows look perfect.
Get in touch with us and start experiencing life as you’ve always wanted to: with perfection.