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Makeup art secrets part 2: behind scenes

Makeup art secrets part 2: behind scenes

Makeup art is all among our lives. But you can also find great artistic contributions in cinema. In this article, we share some of the greatest makeup art secrets behind scenes

Makeup art department is an interesting contribution to cinema work. We have already talked about it in the previous article: makeup art secrets. Without their big contributions, movies would not be the same.

Have you ever wondered how makeup artists create different characters by applying some makeup? What are the details that inspire makeup artist? How something subtle bring to life iconic characters? Are there makeup art secrets beyond the screen? In this article we share with you some makeup art secrets behind the scenes.

Details and subtleties: the art of makeup on the big screen

The seventh art needs many departments to create a spectacular movie. One of those is makeup department. Why makeup would involve an entire department? Simple: Its function is vital for the character construction. It provides precise details that will bring a certain construction to the story.

Beyond the special effects, used in many movies, already mentioned in the previous article. Makeup art can create any kind of scars or bruises, and it can involve every type of artistic designs.

The art of makeup can be subtle and still completely change the interpretation of the characters. One example of this, could be the Canadian series: Orphan black. In this production the actress plays different clones, with different stories and personalities.

From this series we can understand one of the greatest secrets of the makeup art: the power of observation. The makeup artists of this series focused on portraying all the peculiarities of each character. Even though she was the same actress.

Extreme makeup art

One of the wonders of makeup art in cinema is that it can go drastically from the subtle to the elaborate. Nowadays, in cinema, we can find great features with mythical monsters or unnatural beings. Characters that were created through makeup and not through special electronic effects. Even, there are some actors who have played iconic roles, but we would not recognize them in real life.

We can find this level of makeup art expertise on the behind scenes in El laberinto del fauno. In this film, mythological characters are built from makeup art secrets. These secrets involve knowledge of other areas, especially when using electronic implants. Makeup art taken to the extreme requires prostheses to give new textures and shapes to the characters. That is why only the experts can do this makeup right.

The secret of famous actresses to always look perfect

Off-camera popularity cannot go unnoticed. So, actresses and actors must interact with all their fans and always look perfect. But sometimes it becomes difficult to take care of the appearance every single day. After all, they still are humans.

So, actresses have one of the greatest secrets of makeup art behind scenes. Many of them use semi-permanent makeup techniques to take care of their appearance. These techniques allow them to look always perfect. You probably already know some of the actresses who have decided to use this technique:

  • Megan Fox
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Angelina Jolie
  • Jennifer Anniston

These actresses prove that permanent and semi-permanent makeup are also important behind scenes.

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