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Makeup art secrets

Makeup art secrets

Makeup has become a new form of art expression. Not because of the difficulty of getting the perfect makeup but because… In this article we will expose some of the most significant makeup art secrets.

Makeup is not just another part of your daily routine. Actually, makeup is a complex ritual that could transform into art. You can use eyeshadows, lipsticks, and some other kinds of cosmetics to make aesthetic figures on human bodies. On cinema, makeup art can go farther than just make the actors look great. Sometimes, you can tell stories through makeup, as an art expression. For that reason, in this article we expose some makeup art secrets.

Makeup is not just another bored routine. It is a new way of expression

We must stop the cliché. When we talk about makeup, we often think of a woman daily routine to look beautiful. However, some people took this cliché and transform makeup into a new form of expression. Using makeup to express feelings and sensations, became the routine to a new form of art.

It started with the experimentation of new textures and forms by implementing color psychology too. By playing with common makeup appearance, it got a little more abstract. The most interesting thing about makeup as an art expression is the way it causes unconscious and vivid sensations.

For example, by the combination of metallic colors and textures with cold tones and a powder texture. In this case, it could generate a peculiar elegant appearance:

On the other hand, makeup art can guide us to some other purposes. Such as using a human body as canvas, and take it off part of the natural humanity:

This way, by using specific forms and colors, we can get some particular sensations. Without a doubt, makeup is an interesting expression of art.

Makeup art in the big screen

Never forget the importance of makeup in the cinema! In films it is very common to watch how characters bleed out. Also, it seems very natural the representative scar that appears over an actor face. Therefore, it is so easy to forget that the scar is just an illusion from the story. And most of these effects are realized by using makeup. So, it is necessary to have the knowledge of the visual effects of certain cosmetics. This way, a fake bruising could look very real.

However, beyond visual effects to create characters, makeup art in films can tell stories. At least this is what Doniella Davy tells us in a Vogue interview. Doniella is a makeup artist who worked on Euphoria series. So, the real challenge of make-up in cinema lies in telling a story. For that reason, makeup art in cinema requires a great sensitivity.

But this is a great topic, and perhaps we will write about it in more detail on another occasion.

Semi-permanent makeup techniques: are they art too?

Of course, permanent and semi-permanent makeup techniques are art too! And very complex art techniques, it should be added. After all, there exist many factors that affect a semi-permanent makeup technique, such as the face shape. In addition, we must consider the perfect colors according to your skin type. We also have to think of makeup personality.

Even when there are many different makeup intentions, the real makeup art includes a natural appearance. For that reason, it is important for you to know the special cares for permanent and semi-permanent makeup.

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