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Recommendations before microblading

Recommendations before microblading

Do you want to get the perfect semi-permanent makeup procedure? You must consider the recommendations before microblading we share with you in this article.

The microblading has become very popular semi-permanent makeup technique. Of course, with a good reason. After all, if you get a good procedure you will forget about the daily makeup! That is why so many people have decided to change their life by getting a microblading procedure. However, as it is a longtime makeup, there are some recommendations you must consider before doing it. In this article we share with you the best recommendations before microblading technique.

Microblading? What is it?

Before we talk about the recommendations before microblading, we want to explain, one more time, what is it. The microblading is a micropigmentation semi-permanent makeup technique. It involves a micro-pigments injection under the superficial layer of the skin. with this procedure you will a daily makeup appearance to your eyebrows.

But make no mistake about it: though this technique is very similar to a normal tattoo, it not a tattoo. The microblading is a specific technique which imitates the growth of the eyebrow’s hair. That is the main reason you must go to a professional to try the perfect microblading technique. In addition, this specific area is very sensitive, so you must be careful.

Is this a safe procedure?

Of course, it is safe… if you go to a professional. As we already said, many people get confuse and consider a microblading technique with a tattoo. However as you wouldn’t attend to a tattoo parlor without any recommendations. Neither you should do with a semi-permanent makeup clinic to try this procedure.

It is very important to investigate the beauty parlor reputation. For example, in a professional clinic specialize at permanent and semi-permanent makeup, you will be tested for allergy. This way you will be sure about the safeness for you. In addition, they should analyze your face to discover the shape for the perfect the perfect eyebrows.

So do not risk and be sure to go to a professional.

The main recommendations you must consider before microblading

Once you are sure about the beauty parlor you chose, it is important to follow the recommendations bellow:

Request for an allergy test

As we already said, request for an allergy test could very useful to increase the procedure safeness. Especially if you have never tattooed or try a similar intervention. Also, you should consider that you will require local anesthesia. Just another reason to ask for allergy tests.

Get the perfect eyebrows!

Before each permanent and semi-permanent makeup procedure, you must be part of the final decision to implement in the actual procedure. Have in mind that there exist many different styles for microblading results. Just as a common makeup, you could get a natural style or something stronger.

Fast care guide to follow before the microblading technique

Though it is a conversation you will have with your microblading expert. You also must consider the recommendations to follow before this procedure:

  • Do not exercise 24 hours before applying the procedure.
  • Avoid caffeine and alcoholic drinks for around 24 hours before the microblading.
  • You must let grow your eyebrows for 2 weeks for getting a more natural result.

Probably you will find to get a Care guide after the microblading procedure. This way you will get more information about the risks and benefits of this popular technique. Without a doubt it is a great alternative to replace a daily makeup routine.

Paola Soto will advise you and train you, she is a permanent and semi-permanent makeup expert. Get the best trainings to know the recommendations for before, during and after the microblading technique. Ask for next trainings an prepare yourself.