SilhouetteS Trainings

Have you ever dreamt of starting a new business and thriving in the world of permanent makeup?

Paola Soto’s AcademyS trainings is the first step to start your journey in the world of professional PMU. We are committed to form worldwide high quality artists. Permanent makeup is art.
It is the art of fulfilling the dreams of each person that contacs us. Our goal is to perfect their features and enhance the best attributes of any face. It is about creating perfectly crafted makeup that will last for a long time and having the best tools and training on eyebrow tattooing is essential so that artists like you can create masterpieces.
Permanent makeup becomes time and time is a luxury.

Why a luxury?

Because our clients will receive the luxury of staying in bed those extra 20 minutes without having the rush of making up their face daily. They’ll have the pleasure of saying “I woke up like this”. You will learn the technique of personalized proportion, the golden rule that through the correct measurements will give beauty and perfection to the human eye, creating an almost perfect face.
SilhouetteS training includes the most important standards of the aesthetic training used in Europe. You will learn the following techniques for eyes, brows and lips.
  • Stardust Eyeliner
  • Classic Eyeliner
  • Magic Shading
  • Magic Combined
  • Super Bright Lips
  • Aquarelle Lips


Is a tattoo to flatter your eye shape and give the look of fuller, darker lashes as well as eyeshadow. We start with a consultation to ensure this design is right for your wants and needs. A numbing solution is applied before the procedure begins, making sure you are comfortable before the tattooing starts.
The entire procedure takes approximately one and a half to two hours including design time.
The black eyeliner tone blends into shade with the tone (or tones) that you choose combining the pigments to make your eyes look radiant and youthful for any occasion without having the need to apply makeup to your eyes.

Classic Eyeliner

You will work with a highly trained artist that will design a tattoo to flatter your eye shape and give the look of fuller, darker lashes. We start with a consultation to take into account your own ideas and blend them with the artist’s expertise. A numbing solution is applied before the procedure begins, and you are made comfortable before the tattooing starts. The entire procedure takes approximately one and a half to two hours including design time. When choosing the color of the eyeliner, the most popular shade is the black one, because it imitates the effect of regular eyeliner. This beauty treatment is perfect for enhancing imperfections in our face and bring out our own features that will make it look more beautiful.


It is a permanent makeup service that will improve the eyebrows and the brow bone area. It will give a pencil shadow effect. Once healed, it will look more natural. As a result, you will notice greater definition and deepness in the bros. Whether the client is looking for a soft shading or a bold touch of color, we will adapt the design and color according to their wishes.


This is one of the most popular techniques that includes a soft shading that fades from the tip of the brow to the other extreme. This eyebrow tattooing technique makes your brows look fuller and with a better shape.
The brow design is based on the client’s face’s form. The color, texture and form must be excessively cared for by the artist.
These are some of the reasons for which Magic Shading has become so popular:
Magic Shading is achieved by the use of a small machine that fades extremely fine pigment dots into and across the skin simulating an airbrush and giving a natural shade to the brow.
This technique is much less painful than the rest, because of the airbrush like method that causes less trauma to the skin.
Depending on the type of skin, health, lifestyle, preferences, and other factors will affect the duration of the definition of the magic shade. A single micro shading session with high quality pigments can last up to 2 or 3 years.
We mix colors to match perfectly the client’s desires, brow color and skin tone. Some of the color will fade faster than other. The lighter the pigment, the quicker it will fade. It is recommended to choose a darker color for better retention.
Also, the design is personalized, as each client has a different eyebrow shape. There are no two clients wearing the same brow design.
Unlike microblading, which is not right for oily skin, magic shading is suitable for all types of skin. Choose the best Magic Shading training by Paola Soto and start your adventure as a professional Permanent Makeup artist.


Microblading is an ancient Japanese technique that was adopted by the western world. In the recent years, this technique was adapted by the famous Serbian artist Branco Babic, who merchandized it and his artistry across western Europe, the United States and the rest of the world. The biggest difference between microblading and any other PMU technique is that this procedure is applied with a series of aligned needles that form a “micro-blade”, which Is manipulated by a manual tool that creates a hyper realistic illusion of perfectly crafted eyebrows.
The brows’ hairs are created by small cuts or incisions in the skin as the pigment is being applied. Microblading is applied in a superficial layer of the skin and it is not ideal for all types of skins. It is not recommendable for pregnant women, as well as people with medical conditions such as Hemophilia, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Keloid Scarring or advanced Diabetes. It lasts up to 6 months to 3 years, depending on the type of skin and lifestyle of each person.
This is the best Microblading training that you will find, because Paola Soto has had the best training with the best masters of the industry, including Sviatoslav Otchenash.


As you can imagine, this course combines the techniques of Magic Shading and Microblading achieving spectacular results that give a full and perfectly designed brows. This treatment ensures a natural effect.
First, the brow is drawn with the “hair by hair” technique or microblading. Later, we apply Magic Shading to fill spaces with less hair.
After the hair simulation is applied, you will see a natural look in perfect form just so it can be perfected by the shading effect that provides a light makeup effect. This creates a perfect contrast with the eyes and the shape of the face.

Super Bright for Lips:

We’ve all dream of having the perfect lips, always made up and kissable. While looking for the perfect lips, they have invented tons of lipsticks and a huge variety of colors to achieve them, but all of them fade every day and we have to retouch our makeup constantly under the risk of having lipstick on our teeth or making them look shapeless. Would you like to forget those problems? Now it’s possible thanks to Super Bright for Lips. Your lips will look perfect without having the need to constantly color them. Super Bright is a permanent makeup technique that beautifies the shape and color of your lips making them look bright and beautiful.

Aquarelle Technique for Lips:

Have you ever felt that your lips sometime look pale or asymmetrical? The Permanent Makeup Aquarelle Technique for lips is for you. This technique outlines your lips while it gives them a natural color effect making them look more voluminous and sexy. It is a beauty process that goes from the rim to the center of your lip in order to give it a 3D effect. It’s ideal for people with small or asymmetrical lips as it brings up your lips without losing their natural look.


This course will be imparted to small groups with a minimum of 6 students and a maximum of 8 to ensure the efficiency and optimal learning process. The package includes:
  • Guided training manual
  • Coffee Breaks and lunches
  • Work kits
  • Practice with live models for each technique
  • International certificate


By participating in this advanced training of Sviatoslav Otchenash techniques, you will receive a kit that includes:
  • 3 colors of pigment Sviatoslav
  • 2 marker markers Sviatoslav
  • 20 SeptiS wipes
  • 40 Tattoo wipes
  • 20 After care
  • 3 latex
  • S Academy book
As well as special gifts selected by Paola Soto and her team and 6 months of support to send practices, have evaluations, ask questions, clarify doubts and have access to explaining videos of each technique you learned in the face-to-face program.
At the end of the training, each student will receive a certificate of attendance from AcademyS.