The secret for the perfect eyebrows

The secret for the perfect eyebrows

The secret for the perfect eyebrows

How many times have you ever wished having the perfect eyebrows for all day long? In this article you will get the most useful advices for taking care of your eyebrows

Eyebrows are very important for your appearance. It is a fundamental feature that will define the shape of your face. In addition, they also bring great benefits to your health, as the protection for the eyes. In this article we will give you some tips to keep your eyebrows’ perfection for longer.

Your face shape is important to get the perfect eyebrows

There are haircuts that favor people’s face shape. The same goes for the eyebrows. Depending on the shape of your face they may be more arched or angled. The first step is to determine the natural shape of your eyebrows. Once you’re sure about this point, we will work to favor your face shape:

1. Round face

Work on your eyebrow high angles. Avoid the plane and round eyebrows.

2. Square face

Eyebrows with a little arch will reduce the angular features of your face. That will bring you the perfect eyebrows.

3. Heart face

Round eyebrows will be perfect for these faces type, so they will complement their natural shape.

4. Elongated face

Obvious elevations are a disaster for this face shape. Your perfect eyebrows will be flat or straight. They will favor the appearance of your face.

5. Diamond face

To hide the lines of your face, your eyebrows must be rounded.

6. Triangular face

For being very angular, the triangular face goes perfect with rounded eyebrows

If you want to get more specific information about it, maybe you want to read perfect eyebrows for your face shape. In this article you’ll find more detailed information about the specific eyebrows appearance.

Entrust them to a professional

The eyebrow depilation may seem like the easiest procedure in the world. That’s why many people decide to do it themselves. Even though, sometimes it is necessary to go to a professional. Over the years, you may lose the figure of the eyebrows and it is better to let them grow. In any case, leaving it to a professional will be your best option. Consider the previous section, so you will have a reference on the perfect eyebrows that favor your face.

The perfect eyebrows are natural

At least the appearance of your eyebrows should be natural. The obsession about the symmetric eyebrows has increase in the last years. However, in nature it is very difficult to find a completely symmetrical and geometric physiognomy. Therefore, the perfect can also be a strange verse. It is also true, tough, that it is necessary to take care of our eyebrows. Of course, you can worry about having symmetrical and outlined eyebrows, but be careful with the result.

Give them the necessary care

As we said at the beginning of this article, eyebrows very important to your health. They will prevent external agents from entering your eyes and injured them. If you sweat, you will prevent it from getting into your eyes by keeping your eyebrows as natural as possible. That is why it is important that you give them the necessary care to grow regularly. By moisturizing and cleaning them regularly you will favor their growth and health. Probably you want to know more specifically what these cares consist of. In that case, you may be interested in some extra tips to take care of perfect eyebrows.

Micropigmentation to increase volume

Your eyebrows are probably not as bushy as you want. But don’t worry, it’s completely normal. As we have explained, eyebrows have the function of protecting the eye. However, micropigmentation is a great alternative to define the little bushy eyebrows. With hair-to-hair micropigmentation you can have natural and perfect eyebrows. If you want to get more information about microblading. You may be interested in our article about the necessary care for after microblading

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